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The Lestat Musical

Embrace the Music

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All members are welcome a community for those
interested in The Lestat Musical.

1. Be nice to each other discussion welcomed trolling not.
2. No promotion of other communities but websites welcomed if related.
3. No graphics posts.
4. Please keep posts on the subject of Lestat no other musical talk.
5. Please do not link or promote selling of anything.

Lestat audio and video trading (not selling) is fine as long as it's kept in a locked post.
Feel free to use the banner for promotion of the community
but it would be a lot of help if you could host it yourself.

Layout thanks to samstertje and adapted by littlevampkitty

The musical might have closed but the community will keep going as long as there is interest and people post. Any questions please direct them to littlevampkitty owner of the community.