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No Lestat!!!!

Did you all see this on and on Elton John's website? It quotes Elton's website, saying "We have received many messages asking when the Lestat cast album will be released. According to Elton's mangement, there are no plans to release the album at present." The cast album, which was recorded on May 22 by Mercury Records, was originally announced for a July release.It says to visit for more information, but there isn't any.
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*ahem* I will now speak for many who shall read this,

This is bullshit.
Now that's a post I can agree with!
Besides, What the hell is there to gain by not releasing the soundtrack? I mean, I'm sure the soundtracks will sell. Almost sure. I mean shit, Considering how many people are fans of the book, I'm sure they would be interested in getting the soundtrack atleast.
Hmm, Thanks. I caught the original annoucement but not the updates. Time to start mailing stuff out, I suppose.
I would like everyone at this community to visit this link: